Need financial advice to reach my Financial goals

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I am 39. I want to go for a good investment keeping in view of my 3 goals.

1. To accumulate money to aid my daughter’s education (professional course) who is now in 7th Std.  Get a lumpsum of about 4-5 lakhs by 2019 April. For this, I can save 5000/- per month. Please let me know which will be better SIP or RD for 5 years? Which will save me tax and provide higher returns at the end of five years?

2. Be financially independent by 55 years even without a job.  I am an independent consultant and I cannot have job security. In the worst scenario, I can earn a minimum of 20000 per month out of which I can save Rs. 5000/- towards this goal. Please suggest how can I invest this amount to make my life secure after 55 years?

3. Buy a small house. This is an optional goal. Please suggest which investment mode should I put my extra earnings (which are saved through my earnings from the jobs I get offering me more than 20,000/month) to be able to buy a house in the coming 5-7 years with partial loan scheme.

I am looking for sound financial advise as I am not much knowledgeable on financial issues.

Thanks in advance.

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