Need 3 Lakhs urgently..options !!!

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Hi Friends,


I need 3 lakhs urgently…as I am having shortage of funds all of a sudden in buying a property in OMR, chennai.

Kindly let me know any viable options…Hope you help me out…

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  1. Hi sir iam from india city(lucknow) i need 200000 lakh rupee my financial condition very poor iam a uber cab driver in India(Lucknow) but perday cab earnings go very low i have a lots of burden like car emi, personal loan emi, house budget and child school fees if you will help me around 200000 lakh rupees my car emi will finish than after that i will secure plan to my both children because these day iam going depression because every time i thought about financial problem please help me financially sir its a very urgent sir.

  2. Adusumilli Ravikumar says:

    I have urgent one lakh any one help me

    1. What help you require?

    2. Raji says:

      Hello I would require and I will pay u back in 4months.. it would be really helpful if u can help me.. I will provide all required details to u..

  3. Sir I need loan 200000 rupees will u please help me it’s urgent please reply meas soon as possible

  4. Mahesh says:

    kindly mention suitable business ideas for earning 3 lakhs per month for working employee without leaving job.

    1. Open a great business and let a manager run it ~

  5. Rosy Rout says:

    Hello sir ..I need a urgent loan of Rs.5,00,000 coz m going through financial problems n I want to start a business.plz sir kindly lend the sum of above amount

    1. You need to get in touch with a bank for this. We are only a blog

  6. Rahul says:

    I want 5lakh rupee it s urgent

    1. Nandish Desai says:

      sorry we cant help

  7. Senthilkumar rajendiran says:

    Message I want today urjant money to loan 300000

  8. Animesh says:

    Hello there I need some financial help of Rs 5,00,000.
    This is urgent need please… help

    1. So why dont you ask it from bank. Posting your comment here how will it help ?

  9. Thulasi says:

    I Need 2 lakhs rs only 6 months

    1. So how can we help in this ?

  10. parvez says:

    hi sir i urgunt 3 lakh rupay only 1 year plz help me

    1. Tell me how can we help you ?

  11. Priyankur Kumar Mondal says:

    Plzz help me 3 lakh urgently, I recover this money 10 months , I pay 30000 per month

    1. How can we help you ? We are not bank

  12. sir/mam please help me i need money 1 lack rupees i want persnol loan for persnol use so i can you give me reply fast
    i can able to repay thiss amount in 10 months i.e.10000 per month

    please qeuest

    1. why are you asking it here ? Are we bank ?

  13. Manjree. Saxena says:

    I ‘ll trust dis site

    1. Thanks for your comment Manjree. Saxena


    I want persnol loan for persnol use so can you give me reply fast please

    1. Who can give you ? Whom are you asking for ?

  15. Anandh Rao says:

    Hi Friends,

    I need 3 lakhs urgently to get my previous company service letter. I have already settled my PL and credit cards which affects my cibil score. So, Not possible of approaching bank sectors. I can able to repay this 3 lakhs in 10 months. I.e 30000 per month.

    My take home is 73000 Rs

    Kindly let me know any viable options…Hope you help me out…

    1. What else can be option other than taking a loan?

  16. nandini says:

    I need urgent 4,00,000 money in a month(Jan2017).. plz give us. for marriage purpose to a girl. she don’t have parents. no relatives. present she is staying in hostel. she is earning only 5000rs per month… next month she is going to get marry.. but no money. if u give the money we will definitely return it in 3months.. becaz we have land to keep agricultural loan. it’s very emergency.. bank is not giving any loan now.

    1. Why do you think anyone will give you money like this on internet?

      1. SHASHI BHUTI says:

        All are asking you if you can’t then please go away from this website. You are only making fun of this innocent people.
        This is not right way.

        1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

          Sir, I am still not getting what do you mean by “This is not right way” ? Please let us know what is a appropriate reply for these comments?


      2. Nadimshaikh says:

        Will you stop being rude no 1 asking for your stupid comment if you can’t give just keep quite. You can’t help anyone so stop being rude if you have a way out show them a way rather then being rude.

        1. Hi Nadim

          Can you share which line of mine is “Rude”? The person is asking for money for some purpose, on INTERNET? I am asking him why is he asking for money on internet from random people? How is that rude? Please share your thoughts on that?

          And please give solution to the person query yourself. I will be happy to listen to your solution and also learn from it


  17. sathish says:

    Hi I need 3 lakhs my salary is 18 take home but bank are telling some cibil score is less not able to give … so plz help me how to get it done urgent basis… thanks

    1. POONAM says:

      I need 3lakhs urgently for home ragistri.i am also applying for home loan.they give me 18lakhs.but i need 3lakhs more.i am a saleried person.plz tell me what can I do?i also paid rest money to builder.

  18. Tarun says:

    I want to be a personal loan immediately 300000

  19. RPrasad says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am Prasad from coimbatore(Tamilnadu). I have 4 credit card. All credit card is over due..I am ready to close all credit card, but bank is not ready to give personal loan bec of low sieble score,so i need 4lakhs, I am working in software company(MNC), I need urgently,,so please kindly help me..

    1. I dont think there is any solution in this situation !

      1. krish says:

        i need 1lake as soon as fast … any thing ican do can u help me…

        1. Apply for the loan ?

          1. kavitha says:

            hello sir i need 3lacs urgently for my sons education and my debts pls help me surely i will return the money after my problems have solvef

            1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

              How can I help you ? I mean what are you expecting ?

  20. Manjunath says:

    Hi i Need 2 L loan , i already inquired in bank also but am getting salary in cash so that reason bank is not ready to pay the loans to me , so please help me in this matter how can i get 2 L loans

    1. NOt possible . UNless you have some record of getting salary , there is no proof !

  21. MOHIT says:

    I need a loan for 6 lakhs for just a quarter to start my own car garage..have nothing to put down or any salary to show..but guarantee will return in 3months

    1. If you had to give a loan to a person like you, will you give it ?

      Why ?


      1. MOHIT says:

        If he had a strong business plan as mine yes I would take that risk

      2. Ankith Reddy says:

        I need a loan for 5 lakhs for just a quarter to start my own business..have nothing to put down or any salary to show..but guarantee will give 7 months

        1. So how can I help you in that ?

  22. Saha says:

    Hii Dear,
    I am a distributor of packaged and drinking water (the company of Foster’s).I was start this business from 2014.It is 2 years i need 2,00,000 Rs. loan. i have return file 2 years, and tread licence 2 years,can u help me how can get a loan ?

    1. You need to apply it with a bank. See what all they say !

  23. Arjun says:

    Tell me your contact number

  24. Prasanth says:


    I need urgently 2L money, right now I don’t have job, I have so many problems, I have to solve all problems with money, how can I get money in 1 day..

    1. Hi Prashanth

      You can apply for a personal loan from your bank. See if you are eligible for it or not.

  25. ananthu says:

    Sir, I’m a college student I want to discontinue from engg college. And to opt a diffrnt course so I need a urgent of rupees 5 lakh for ma studies ma family has little finanacial problem so can u help ma to fix this……

    1. How can I help to fix this ?

      1. Jyoti Reddy says:

        Please sir help me

  26. Dear Shiv, please check for exact T&C of mortgage loan with individual banks.



  27. shiv kumar says:

    Dear Ashal,

    In such case can we go for Mortgage loan on any existing properties.
    Any idea.. what would be advantages/disadvantages with going for Mortgage loan ?


  28. Dear Raghav, in case of personal loan, normally the ROI remains fixed for the term. Rest is what dear Ashish already discussed with you.



  29. Ashish says:

    Dear Raghav,

    The interest rate change, depends on your loan agreement, whether it is floating or fixed. If it is floating, HDFC may revise the interest rate in future.

    On personal loan there is a pre-payment charges of about 4% on balance principal. Moving from HDFC to another bank would be a costly affair considering the pre-payment charges.

    This is out of my personal experience of taking a personal loan.

    For more details, you should call the HDFC help line.


  30. Raghav V says:

    Hi All,

    One clarification…(I will try my level best to repay the personal loan of 2 lakhs at 15.5 p.c at hdfc aseasp)…but just wanted to know whether this rate of 15.5 will remain constant throughout the entire tenure of 5 years…or hdfc shall increase the rate at its will depending upon other factors…or if at all they decrease this interest rate..then to switch to the new one I have to pay any fees from my end??? Kindly help..

  31. Gotu says:

    Raghav hope u will pay it soon to avoid heavy interest payout…..
    @Pattu, Ashish and Ashal:
    Hats of to you gurus……….
    I have expected a reply on this qustion like ” Plan for ur goals, invest systematically and then think of purchase, etc etc………”
    But I am amazed to see the very practical reply to a practical question!!
    When emergency arises, planning keeps the damage to minimum but every time may not avoid it completely…….


  32. Raghav V says:


    Thanks for your inputs…I have opted for a personal loan itself @ 15.5 % with hdfc..hope this rate and things with hdfc remain the same and smooth…:-)

  33. Dear Raghav, if you are salaried please check for any soft loan available from your employer. Rest already discussed by dear Pattu & dear Ashish, hence not repeating.



  34. Ashish says:

    You may even look at surrendering some insurance policies, even if they are are at some loss.

    You may ask for portion of loans from:
    – Family
    – Friends
    – Relatives

    Most likely no one alone would be able to put in 3L but put together some amount of help can always come from them all.

  35. Assuming ‘not buying’ is not an acceptable option to you:

    1. liquidate assets like FDs, NSc
    2. Sell gold if you have any.
    3. Borrow from PPF, relatives or friends
    4. Get a personal loan

    3 and 4 assume you can pay it off sooner or later.

    No option is desirable. 4. is the least desirable. If you go for 4, go for the smaller possible amt

    If you cannot pay off loans quickly then ‘not buying’ is the only sane thing to do.

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