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Kindly let me know what is national spot exchange and what are the pros and cons of investing in the same.

My Share Broker suggested me to invest there and also said that it would fetch me interest of 13% p.a.

So, kindly guide me on this since this option is totally new for me.





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  1. varsha kshirsagar says:

    Thanks Ashal for your guidance.. 🙂

  2. Dear Varsha, the NSEL is a commodity exchange. Just like Stocks traded on NSE & BSE, here commodities are traded. Now the price of the commodity may go up or down. If you purchase say E-Gold @ 26000 Rs. price & within next few days, the price goes up say 26500 Rs. & you sell your contract, you are in profit. If the price dips to 25500 Rs. you w’d have to sell in loss or take delivery of E-gold.

    Now in the above example, there is not at all any guarantee of even 1% rate of interest as no fixed income is there. You are making a call on the price moment of your commodity & the risk of price movement lies with you. It may go as per your anticipation or just opposite to it. Now do tell me from where you ‘ll earn a guaranteed 13% from this NSEL?

    Please do not listen to your broker. He is only interested in his own business that he ‘ll get in terms of brokerage charged from you for your trades done on NSEL.

    Sprite…………… Clear Hai………….. 🙂



    1. Biswa Singh says:

      Lara kya mara 🙂

  3. Dear Varsha, just a small correction in the reply given to you by dear Pattu above. the correct link is –



    1. varsha kshirsagar says:

      Dear Ashal,

      Thanks for the link.

      But my query remains the same. How exactly national spot exchange works for us ?

      My share broker said that he would invest my money here in this exchange through some contract authorised by Government of India. Amount of investment varies from Contract to Contract.

      Currently he said I need to invest Rs 3.5 Lacs minimum and that amount has lock-in period of 36 days. After that I can withdraw the amount if I wish. If I continue for 1 year, I would get 13% p.a as interest along with the principal amount.

      Now, since I am new to this option of investment, would like to know its pros and cons. The risks and the benefits of this investment.
      (Searched on google for the same, but could not get anything neither reviews nor pros nor cons).

      Hence need guidance on the same.


    2. Thanks Ashal. It not a small correction!
      The link provided by Ashal gives all the answers in the faq section.

  4. Returns are not guaranteed.It is highly risky. riskier than mutual fund investing. Suitable only to those who have a good knowledge of goods they want to trade.
    Best to stay away and invest in MFs. No special advantage in doing this unless you take the effort to read and not rely on your broker.
    Never take investment advice from any broker (insurance, MF, shares or commodity).

    Read more

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