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POSTED BY Robin P ON July 3, 2013 5:21 pm COMMENTS (6)

I have started two SIP funds almost 6 months back with HDFC tax saver and Hdfc Mid-cap opportunities fund. I see that the HDFC tax saver is not doing good compared to its peers for some time. Is it okay that I stick on with it or do I need to exit from it.

Also can you please let me know a very good Large Cap and Balanced fund which I can start investing. I am looking for a long term perscpective say almost 10 years.




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  1. Robin P says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Of late some financial websites states the fund to be below average and to consider switching. Hence the question.


  2. Dear Robin, our answer still remain same, what has changed in last 6 months with respect to HDFC Tax Saver that you are planning to change? The answer is nothing. You selected it with some research.



  3. Robin Philip says:

    Thanks Sumit , Ashal and Ashish for your quick response.

    I am not a person who is looking to have my money doubled within a short period of time.I am not worried about the returns as I know MF can beat inflation and provide you 12 – 15% return in the long term. Might be my assumption can be wrong.

    However, I just wanted to know whether HDFC ELSS is the right fund to go for or whether I will have to switch to a better fund.

    Thanks for the understanding.


  4. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Robin,

    Have you analysed how much sensex / nifty has moved in last 6 months?

    This is a very small period to judge the performance. Equity can not double/triple your money in a moment as wrongly suggested by most of the ads with figures showing 100% to 1000% returns in small periods.


  5. Dear Robin, Please stop investing in all the Eq. funds & keep your money in FDs & RDs only. if you can not digest the fluctuations of Eq. & start questioning your own choices within just 6-7 months, Eq. is not your cup of tea.



  6. Sumit says:

    6 months is very short time period to evaluate funds performance, especially when you are investing for very long term outlook. Both of these funds given steady returns for long time though as you mentioned lately these funds didn’t perform well comparing its peers.
    I would not choose these fund in first instance, I would better choose Axis Long term Equity / Quantum Tax saving/ ICICI Pru tax plan as ELSS and IDFC Premier Equity/ SBI Emerging business as small-midcap fund.

    Regarding the Large Cap and Balanced fund I would choose following –

    ICICI Pru focused bluechip / Quantum long term equity fund (large/mid)
    HDFC balanced/ SBI Magnum Balanced/ ICICI Pru balanced

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