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Dear ,

Below  MF portfolia.

1) Reliance equity advantage fund(growth)          SIP Rs1000/- since 08/2007

2) Birla midcap funds plan -A(Growth)                  SIP Rs1000/- since 12/2007

3)Sbi magnum multiplier plus scheme 93 (growth)   SIP Rs 1000/- since 12/2007

4) Hdfc top 200(growth)                                   SIP Rs 1000/- since 07/2010

5) Reliance regular saving balance fund                SIP Rs 500/- since 07/2010

6) Reliance regular saving equity fund                  SIP Rs 500/- since 07/2010

above portfolia is good or need to replace some of funds.

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  1. Vikas Agarwal says:

    Dear Mr. Agarwal,
    u are running a SIP of Rs. 5000 P.M. which is pretty Good your fund selection is somehow decent but u should rebalance it. yur portfolio looks too diversified,instead of running a SIP in 6 Funds your portfolio should be like-
    Rs. 2000 HDFC Top 200(Large Cap )
    Rs.1000 Birla Midcap(Mid Cap)
    Rs. 1000 Sundaram Rural India Fund(Thematic)
    Rs 1000 Reliance MIP fund(as per asset allocation)

  2. Jagadees says:

    My suggestion is you can trim your portfolio to 4 funds.
    You can weed out Reliance equity advantage fund and SBI magnum multiplier plus as its 3-year returns of 9% is pretty average when compared to HDFC top 200 and Reliance regular savings fund (which returned around 18%)

    Then your portfolio will look like in a proper mix
    One large cap fund – HDFC Top 200
    one multitcap fund – Reliance regular savings fund
    one midcap fund – Birla sunlife midcap fund
    one balanced fund – Reliance regular savings balanced fund

    As always do your own research before taking decision. Look for the fund track record and its style of investing/risk grade.
    what you folks think?

  3. Enough duplication is there ..

    You just need 2-3 funds which will have same effect what you are getting from the above 6 funds . while 1,2,3 were started at right time and its time to rebalance them (sell a part of it and move to debt) , why did you start 4,5,6 right now when markets were 100% above that you last buying point (1,2,3) , while its still fine to invest now , have a short term view of next 4-6 months .

    Its a personal view , i am as much prone to failure in markets , as any one 🙂


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