i am 42 , i am planning to start sip in following mutual fund for long term ,Rs 3000 in franklin india blue chip, rs 3000 in icici focussed blue chip,rs 3000 pm in hdfc balace fund & rs 3000 pm in idfc prem equity,please guide me if I have chosen right fund ??

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  1. Dear DrSundeepNigam, Please go ahead with the funds chosen by you. Only change if at all should be there – IPru Focussed Bluechip in favor of Quantum Long Term Eq.

    Rest is OK. Happy investing.



  2. Investor says:

    Instead of hdfc balaced fund you can have one long term debt fund in your portfolio and invest rest as you decided.

    1. TheZionView says:

      I would differ with this suggestion if you have EPF and/or you are ok with 15 year lock in of PPF

      Debt in your portfolio is good to have but if you have epf/ppf that will be the right place to park the money if you are comfortable with lock they have,,, dont opt for Debt MF just for sake of diversification when you have other better option open.

  3. TheZionView says:

    Rs 3000 in franklin india blue chip LARGE CAP
    rs 3000 in icici focussed blue chip Large CAP
    rs 3000 pm in hdfc balace fund Balanced
    rs 3000 pm in idfc prem equity MidCap

    Excellent choice don’t add any more fund and complicate things just keep it simple like you have already chosen and continue investment with constant monitoring(1-2 times a year)

  4. says:

    Rs 3000 in Franklin india blue chip(G), rs 3000 in Icici focussed blue chip(G) will give you an exposure to Large Cap with 50% of investment directed towards Large Cap, which is good and the fund choice is good too.

    Instead of Rs 3000 pm in hdfc balace fund divide 3000 in two parts and invest Rs 2000 in long term debt fund – Can Robeco Income (G) which impressively delivered 11% over a period of 5 years. Although I would prefer to put lump sum amount in that scheme like putting the investment quota of 24000.00 in single go and then invest in MFs. After putting 2000 pm in the Can Robeco Income (G) plan you have Rs 4000(1000+3000) extra.

    Now you can start Rs 2000 monthly SIP in UTI Dividend Yield Fund(D) and Rs 2000 can be used as monthly SIP in HDFC Midcap Opportunity Fund (G) or IDFC Premier Equity Fund(G), as the AUM for IDFC is quiet huge now the past performance can not be guaranteed. You can chose any one both are good.

    I hope, to some extent I resolved your query.



  5. Anand says:

    Looks good. Please go ahead and review the performance after 1 year. (and every year after that)

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