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Dear Friends,

My father had an investments in various AMC’s various scemes. He has passed away last year. So where could i get the details of his all mutual funds investments? i allready have most of the details but dont wanna miss if any which account statement i dont have. Some AMCs have CAMS n Karvey as a registrar and some r there own. so what should i do to get all in one account statement?


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  1. upendra gavale says:

    Thanks justgrow & ashal for your valuable information. i hope it will work better.


  2. Dear Upendra, In addition to what dear justgrowmymoney had already told you, a better way to contact each AMC ‘ll be through their customer care mail id. Please quote your father’s name, PAN & address & ask them to search for the folio info with the AMC. This option ‘ll be less strenuous & can be done in a single shot by mailing to all AMC at one go.



  3. Upendra – I see you are embarking on EXACTLY something I did a couple of years ago.

    If you Father has provided PAN number in all folios as a practice (Since 2008 PAN is anyways mandatory) then you can call each AMC and check with them the complete list of folios your Father owns.

    If you father has provided an email address you can get a consolidated account statement across CAMS, Karvy and FT at You can pull out statements based on PAN from Karvy –

    You can also review you father’s Bank account statements because most dividend payments, when direct, mention folio number in the narration.

    If you believe some folios dont have transactions recently you will anyway get an annual statement from the MF so if it is more than 1 year since your dad passed away it is likely that you may have received all the account statements by now.

    Even in that case if you believe there may be some Mutual Fund folio that could have escaped all these radars I recommened you calling all the AMCs – one by one. Just call 3 or 4 AMCs in a day so it is not strenuous and ask them to pull out folios based on your Father’s name. They will always check for mailing address, bank account info etc. so have them handy. It is a very long exercise really if you suspect all info is not available. Just a bit of work and you will be fine.

    When all the MFs are converted consolidate them into ICICI Direct (if you have more than 8 lacs worth) or to other places like fundindia, moneysights etc. for easier control in future.

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