Mortality rate for life time super

POSTED BY ritu shahani ON January 15, 2013 9:17 am COMMENTS (2)

what are the mortality charges for lifetime super policy of icici prudential for a person of 53-75 years? is it wise enough to switch to a pure term policy to avoid the increasing mortality charges ?

age of policy holder is 53

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  1. monthly mortality charges per thousand of life cover for a healthy male
    50 –> Rs. 5.91 (as in brochure)
    60 –> Rs. 13.3 (approx.)
    70—> Rs. 26.1 (approx)
    75 –> Rs. 35 (appox.)

    If the Ulip has been in force for many years best to leave it be.
    While a term plan will be cheaper there is need for it only for conditions mentioned by Ashal.

  2. Dear Ritu, the person in that age band does require insurance at all? if all the financial liabilities are over or enough wealth is there to cover these expenses, no need to go for life insurance at all.

    If the liabilities are still open, now check what’s the time frame by which these liabilities are likely to over. Based upon this info, please opt a term cover if available at all. Not many insurer ‘ll cover the said life at this point of time.



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