MF transactions to cost more…

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Get ready to pay Rs 150 as transaction charge while making investments in excess of Rs 10,000 a year in a mutual fund (MF) through a new folio or account. If your incremental investment in an existing folio is over Rs 10,000, your outgo will be a slightly lower, Rs 100.

The fund house will deduct the charge from the investor and pay it to the distributor. The charge is recoverable in 3-4 installments for investments made under the systematic investment plan ( SIP)) route. However, direct transactions with the MF will not attract any charge.

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  1. jignesh says:

    1. I have more than 12K per month but in 3 different fund and two different date. How this charges applicable here, if any?

    2. I was planning to start more 5 K per month through SIP. should i go with new folio or should i go with same fund house with same folio?

    3. New investment should be done through SIP or lumsum investment?


  2. Tejaswi says:

    “If your incremental investment in an existing folio is over Rs 10,000, your outgo will be a slightly lower, Rs 100”

    I dont understand this. Is it applicable for SIPs (say 2000 Per month)?

  3. Dominic Prakash says:

    Could you please clarify: If your distributor/agent is “00000” do you still need to pay this fee? Can I have the official SEBI link regarding this. Appreciate your help and info.

  4. TheZionView says:

    As per my understandings it not 100 for anyone one having 10K above invetsment.

    If the Transaction is more than 10K then Rs 100 is charged. If anything lese you dont have to pay anything. Also this is a optional thing where distributor can decide on getting from client or not.

  5. Anand says:

    No need to worry.

    Buy directly with AMC and there is no charge.

    Even fundsindia is not planning to charge.

    So chill….

  6. Ramesh says:

    In my opinion,
    This is wholly unnecessary and is a back-entry of the entry load.

    For Rs 10,000, a Rs 100 is 1% for existing folio and 1.5% for new folio.
    For Rs. 20,000, it is 0.5% and 0.75%.

    There is no mention of the annual fees which the distributor gets from AMCs (trail commission).
    Also, no mention of the advisory fees (though there will be lot less people paying it).

    Better to buy in lumpsum of 9999 or lesser, to combat this. 🙂

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