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I am planning to start MF SIP and gone through websites and i made the final list , before that i need some guidance that whether this Funds are fine (diversification). 

Amount to be invested Rs 10K. Period From now to  5/10 Years.

Each 2k in the below 5 funds.

Fund name                              Category

Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G)      Large Cap   

ICICI Pru Discovery Fund (G)                      Small & Mid Cap

Quantum Long-Term Equity (G)        Diversified Equity

Reliance Equity Oppor – RP (G)         Diversified Equity

SBI Emerging Business (G)                Small & Mid Cap

 Please correct me if any funds to deleted/added.




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  1. Dear Dev, a consistent performer is far better to opt than any sudden best performer. Out of the 5 funds selected out by you, I’m asking you to go for only 2 funds. Franklin India with either Quantum Long Term Eq. fund or Reliance Eq. Opp. fund may be the pair of funds you are looking for.



  2. Dev says:

    I am not sure about this bench marking CRISIL. First i need to learn how this ratings are trust worthy for finding or gauging the fund performance.

    Ok , now you tell me as an first time investor, what parameters i need to look for drill down or finalize the funds for SIP.

  3. Dear Dev, what about rating for same funds in other sites? Actually my base point is, how you are comfortable for or benchmarking CRISIL as best rating?



  4. Dev says:

    This rating was given in

    Scheme RATING

    ICICI Pru Discovery Fund (G) Rank 2 – 4 STAR
    Franklin India Bluechip (G) Rank 1- 5 STAR
    Quantum Long-Term Equity (G) Rank 2 – 4 STAR
    Reliance Equity Oppor – RP (G) Rank 1- 5 STAR
    SBI Emerging Busi (G) Rank 1- 5 STAR

  5. Dear Dev, ratings can misguide also. How? Please check any fund of your choice for ratings assigned to it by CRISIL, Valueresearchonline, Moneycontrol, Morningstar…….

    Please post your observations here. Yes we all are learning collectively.



  6. Dev says:


    Frankly speaking , i have to analyse /learn about the risk involved in Midcap or small cap MFs. Hope still lot to learn on this side,. What about CRISIL rating which is giving 5 start .. 1 star to MF.

    So i believe that CRISIL rating will be a bench mark for selecting funds. After reading lot of pages, i am totally confused about selecting funds.

    I know its too early to judge any funds by rating/consultant recommendation.

  7. Dear Dev, i’m not asking to invest in 5-10 or 15 funds. I’m asking to invest only in 2 funds. if you are having more funds, it ‘ll be merely a duplication of stocks holding & you ‘ll not be really diversified.

    When you are starting only, do you understand the risk involved in midcap or small cap or micro cap MFs?



  8. Anshuk Jain says:

    1 fund is enough if you want to go for diversification.. As Ashal said, cut down the list to 3 funds and you should be fine..

  9. Dear Dev, on what basis you selected just 5 funds & not 10 or 15 funds? In my personal opinion, 2-3 funds are more than enough for you.

    Please cut down your list accordingly. Opt only 1 large cap + 1 Multicap as of now. Please do not go by my words. Please check the underlying portfolios of your 5 funds & look at the overlapping stocks & then answer, are you fairly diversified in these 5 funds?



    1. Dev says:

      I have gone through website for MF learning, Rediff has recommended best MF for 2013. After that i also browse through this forum and your answers ,so i selected this fund list based on various inputs by self learning, I am at very initial stage of understanding funds.

      Well I will go through the portfolio of each fund and see which will be better and not redundant in the same kind of stocks.

      Before that i just want to know , whether keeping 5 /2/10 funds, is there any specific strategy involved,.

      Why you are not considering small cap ?

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