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POSTED BY arun kaul ON April 20, 2013 9:52 am ONE COMMENT

dear Manishji,  I have the following MF portfolio:- HDFC Top200 — Rs. 5000/-,  HDFC prudence fund- Rs. 8000/- , HDFC MIP-LTP- Rs. 2000/- , BSL savings 5- Rs. 1500/-, Tata retirement savings fund ( progressive) :- Rs. 5000/- . How do you feel my portfolio is ?? My time horizon is 9-11 years and main motive is to create a corpus for retirement.

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  1. Dear Arun, on what basis you selected these funds? you said 9-11 Years, should we assume by that time you are going to retire or something else you want to tell?

    Please clarify.



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