MF port folio reveiw

POSTED BY RAJESH PAI ON November 11, 2011 11:57 am COMMENTS (3)

Hi ,

Can you review my MF port folio , is this ok ?

HDFC TOP200 (Large & midcap)
BSL Dividend yeild Plus (Mid cap)
HDFC Equity (multi cap)
HDFC Prudence

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  1. Dear Rajesh, To me your portfolio looks good. In case you want some change, you may add DSP Eq. (another multi cap fund) in place of HDFC Eq.

    Rest is OK.



  2. RAJESH PAI says:

    @ Justgrowmymoney

    My Debt inevstment is SIP in Gold ETF

    Thanks for the valueable suggestion.

  3. Rajesh – I would call that smart investing.I dont know what your overall asset allocation (total investment in Debt etc.) is like but I really like your portfolio.

    Assuming you can take a little more risk I would add a thematic fund to your portfolio. I would reduce exposure to HDFC Euity (since HDFC Top 200 portfolio is not too different) and pump future money into Reliance Banking and/or Reliance Pharma. Also if you are doing a SIP from your savings account I would recommend doing a STP from a Short term debt fund. When you get your salary move the entire value of SIP to a Short term debt fund so you earn marginally more. [Even in this opt for dividend payout and then reinvest in the fund].

    HDFC Prudence gives a run for money even for diversified funds like the above but compared to HDFC Balanced its alpha is lower and Beta is higher.If allocation to Prudence is less than 20% overall dont change anything there.Else look to HDFC Balanced.

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