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POSTED BY prabhakaran prabha ON May 22, 2013 11:13 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear friends

I have 4 Mf SIPs since 2010. I wanted to make it 3 as always suggested by this forum many times.

My existing MF schemes are as follows;


A)     ICICI Pru Focussed Blue Chip @ Rs 3000/- pm

B)      DSP Blackrock Top 100 @ Rs 1000/-

C)      HDFC Equity growth @ Rs 1000/-

D)     HDFC Prudence @ Rs 1000/-


My friends suggested to stop investing  A and B above  immediately and start a new SIP instead ie franklin India Bluechip @ Rs 4000/- pm and transfer the amt to be received to this scheme after one year.  They also suggested to continue 3rd and 4th schemes as it is.  But, I would like to get the expert’s opinion about this from this forum before taking any such decision. Kindly help.

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  1. Dear Prabhakaran, in that case switch all money to DSP Top 100. To save you from complication that you w’d have to redeem from 2 existing funds & invest in a new one, I’m offering solution within your existing funds.



  2. Dear Prabhakarn, please switch DSP Top 100 to IPru Fucussed Bluechip. That’s a very simple step.



    1. prabhakaran prabha says:

      Thanks Ashal. But, when I go thru this forum, seen a recent reply from Mr. Ramesh recommending for DSP BR Top 100 as icici pru focused.. fund mgr is changed. You have just suggested to switch dsp to icici pru focused bc. My friends asking to stop both dsp and icici fbcand put it in franklin india bc. Iam confused now for which suggestion should I take.

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