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POSTED BY Sonal R Patel ON April 5, 2013 1:20 am COMMENTS (2)

Me and my brother both are working and both have company provided health insurance in which our parents are included. Is it possible to share the medical claims of parents at both the companies?

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  1. Dear sonal, a workable solution, opt one parent for each of you say mother with you & father with brother & file the claim accordingly. Filing the claim at both employers for a singple person be it mother or father ‘ll create problems.



  2. S K Sinha says:

    No,as of now, it cannot be done. Both the insurers shall share the claim in proportion to the their respective Sum Insured.
    However IRDA( Health Insurance)Regulation 2013,published on the 16th Feb,2013—-to be effective from 1st Oct 2013 for Individual Health Insurance and from 1st July,2013 for Group Health Insurance–has a provision to take care of this issue.
    In your case ,after 1st July, your father shall have the option to take claim from either insurer. Also, pl take care that wef 1st July, Group Health Product may undergo some changes to make them compliant with this IRDA Regulation.
    Happy insuring,

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