Market Volatility – How to react?

POSTED BY Jai ON August 22, 2013 4:26 pm COMMENTS (2)

These have been dicy days with financial markets. I know MF should not be market timed. But with not impressive/declining returns in most MF in recent months, what is the outlook? Is it advisable to continue SIPs as they are. I tempt to move to debt instuments. pls advice.

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  2. BanyanFA says:

    This is a very important question in each investor on the street. If you switch from debt to equities, you will ruin the whole purpose of your SIPs. No one can predict how poor this return cycle can be, but it is in such times you make a killing by accumulating assets at cheap prices for future gains. My article may perhaps give a bit more background and calm your stressed nerves

    Also, I am assuming that some % of your assets allocated into debt funds based upon your risk appetite. If not, you should do so to reduce the risk on your overall portfolio.

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