Manish’s second book is awesome. A must read action book on personal finance!

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Manish’s second book “How to be your Own Financial Planner in 10 steps: Master Your Financial LIfe” is an awesome step-by-step guide to take control of your financial life. Manish has a very engaging style and pulls the reader along with him.

This is an action book! Meaning you don’t wait until you finish the book. Read each step complete the step and then move on to the next step (don’t take too long though!).
This is the best way to reap benefits from this book.

If you want to change your financial life and want a step-by-step guide/exercise book this is the one to buy.

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  1. Dear Ganesh, I’m out of India yet arranging the book on my own to reach me. Although courier service is not very effective here, still I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the same. First the book ‘ll be delivered in India to an address notify by me & from the book ‘ll be reshipped to me.

    So my wait ‘ll a bit longer.



  2. Michael John Britto says:

    I have not yet received this book from since pre-order date 01 Feb 2013. Although, it is approved but my flipkart account status shows:

    Expected Shipping Date: Processing
    Expected Delivery Date: Will Ship once released

  3. Ganesh says:

    Thanks for your review, FFC.

    Unfortunately, I cannot get my hands on the book as I am not based in India and Flipkart does not ship abroad. I have nevertheless ordered a copy and have shipped it to my cousin who is just starting a job!

    Manish, time to release a kindle version on Amazon 🙂

    1. Thanks for your inputs Ganesh. The best you can do is ask your cousin to ship it to US by courier . Its very natural that indian companies will not ship it outside , because it involves costs and they might not choose it to do 🙂 .

      Regarding kindle version , the thing is publisher has to take that call . We authors do not control it because we have not published it on our own 🙂


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