Low CIBIL, confused !!

POSTED BY Avinish Jain ON April 10, 2013 5:04 pm COMMENTS (4)

I have a low cibil score 644. This was last year. Primarily because of 2 credit cards.

I had citibank cc with outstanding of rs 1000/- of principal. And stan chartered cc with rs.300/- (principal-0, cheque bounce charges-300). This was in jan 2008.

i had paid the dues in 2010 for citibank and got NDC but it shows POST(WRITE OFF) SETTLED.

i tried to resolve scb but they were asking for absurd amount. I went to banking ombudsman and they now agree to update the cicil with NO DUES. This will happen in next 45 days.

i have auto loan which is completed settled without any missed emi

i have od limit againt fd in SBP under which the balance is 0. Not updated in cibil.

I have two sbi credit cards which have never been used but they are active in cibil. Balance is 0.

i took auto loan which i have settled last month, 1 year in advance. This does not reflect in cibil.

i have home loan from hdfc bank for which i have never missed any emi. Updated in cibil

i took another home loan end of last year fro. Hdfc bank. This is after i took out cibil score.

the question is: after scb update and SBP update, will my cibil score go up.and by how much or i would have to take fd linked cc to make it go up.

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Jain,

    Has SCB confirmed that along with No Dues, the “Post (Write Off)” comment would also be updated? Also, the late payments against this account would reflect on your credit report even after the removal of the Written Off remark.

    The reflection of your payment history (good / bad) will definitely impact your credit score. Increase or decrease in your credit score would depend on various factors like outstanding balances, late payments, credit mix, enquiries etc.

    The best option is to wait and obtain a fresh credit report after 45 days to check the increase in your credit score.


  2. Dear Avinash, you can repeat your query here.



  3. Avinish Jain says:

    Sorry, somehow the whole text is missing…will type in again

  4. Dear Avinash, what’s the query?



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