LONG TERM (10 to 15 Years) Investment

POSTED BY Sachin Shah ON May 13, 2013 2:02 am COMMENTS (5)

Please Advise about my investment. its purely for long term investment 10 to 15 years horizon.

i use this fund for my 2.5 years old daughter’s  higher education and her merrige. please put your advise.

SBI PPF Rs. 5000 every month

Frankline India BlueChip Fund Rs. 2500 (SIP)

Quantom Long Term Equity Fund Rs. 1000 (SIP)



HDFC TOP 200 Rs. 500 (SIP)

Bank Reccuring Deposit Rs. 2000 (9% Intrest)


I choose Tax Saving Fund coz of Tax Planning as well. let me know is there any change to be need or continue with this fund.


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  1. Dear Sachin, opt only one Tax saver fund out of the 2 you are investing in.

    Same is the case with HT200 & FIBCF. Opt any one fund & invest in there only.

    Regarding Term plan, please try to understand what ‘ll happen if you die in actual & your family w’d have to run with 4-5 different insurers for all these policies. My take, please purchase one large cover from an online term policy. In case you are not fully comfortable with the Idea of pvt. insurer for this large cover. Do not look at the prem. & opt LIC’s Amulya Jeevan for that large cover.



  2. Sachin Shah says:

    Dear Anshal

    Thanx for Reply…

    i’m confuse about that’s why i asking help regarding my investment. i need minimum 10 to 15 % retuns in longer terms. please suggest me what can i do for? let me know if any change required.. i can stop some SIP and start as you suggest….


  3. Dear Sachin, there are two ways to do things. One is simple & one is complex. You are following the 2nd line. If HDFC Long Term Advantage is there for tax saving, why Canara Robeco Tax saver or reverse?

    Again in case of Term plan, why 25L *2 plans & not a single plan of 50L?

    Again Franklin India BCF as well as HT200. Why?

    I’m unable to understand the digest RD as extra saving. if the idea is to save for creating an emergency fund slowly I can understand but purely for extra saving RD, I’m unable to understand?

    Can you elaborate?



  4. Dear Sachin. may I ask few questions to you? Why 5000 Rs. mly into PPF & only 750 Rs. in a tax saver MF? Why not opposite if you are planning for long term – 15Y?

    HDFC Long Term? which fund you are referring to? Advantage or Equity?

    if Franklin India Bluechip is there, why are you putting only 500 Rs. into HT200?

    What about your term insurance?

    For what purpose & what time frame the bank RD is chosen?



    1. Sachin Shah says:

      1. 5000 PPF bcoz of fix return and also increse up to 8000/- per month
      2. in cannara tax fund SIP 750/- but every 3 month add 3000/- lumsum
      4. Frankline india just started. and HDFC TOP 200 since one year
      5. i have LIC TERM INSURANCE 15 LACs and plan to buy online term plan for 50 lacs in two diff company 25 lacs with HDFC and 25 lacs with Kotak.
      6. Purpose of Bank RD is just extra saving. (please suggest if any other option)

      i would like to add monthly 3000 debt fund or gold fund (please suggest)

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