Liquid Funds ..explain the difference

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I have around 50000 which i will need after around 3-4 months from now.I wanted to keep it somewhere where i get more than 3.5%pa of SB.

First thought was FD.I check my banks FD and found for 61 days or greater and below 90 days i get 4.25% p.a. The next option was to look up for Liquid MF funds. I listed the best performing fund under ultrashortterm and found that JM Money Manager Super has given return of 2.02% (3months) and Taurus Short Term Income  has given return 2.03%(3months)


So does this mean it has given better returns than FD?. Is there a risk involved in going for it?


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  1. bharat shah says:

    definitely liquid fund has some risk, as with any mutual fund , and liquidity is slightly less than bank fd, as bank fd is protected by 1 lac rs. insurance, and the money could be available the same day you want. but otherwise you can get the return as you stated even you hold for 2-3 days, depending upon short time money market condition. as of today, we can hope at least 5-6% p.a. without any binding of time.on line transaction could be give better liquidity.

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