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POSTED BY Sonal R Patel ON May 4, 2013 3:56 pm COMMENTS (4)

I want to accumulate around 1.5 lakhs by January, 2014. And my savings thorugh out the next 8 months would not be regular. Which is the good liquid choice for park the savings iregularly with certain amount of return?

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  1. Dear Symantak, 2 benefits.

    1. Already mentioned by you regarding the ease of operation with existing AMC.

    2. In case of non requirement of funds, the excess money can be used to invest in Eq. funds of the same AMC using STP.



  2. Dear Sonal, there can not be a guarantee of return in a MF, even if it’s Liquid fund. You should park your money in a liquid fund of the AMC, where you are already investing in Eq. Funds.



    1. Syamantak says:

      Hello Ashal,
      Can you please explain why one should park the money in a liquid fund of the AMC, where (s)he is already investing in Eq. Funds? Do we get any benifits of it? or its just to save the hassle of getting another portfolio created at another AMC?

      Thanks, Syamantak

  3. tax wise liquid funds have no advantage over fixed deposits for a 8 month period. All income will taxed as per slab.

    Best to lock what ever you can save in FD with different durations

    returns are not guaranteed in liquid funds or any debt fund

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