LIC Jeevan Anand and Jeevan Tarang – Suggestion to surrender

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I have 2 LIC policies both are for 20 years policy term

1. Jeevan Anand – Sum Assured : 5,00,000 – Premium – 26100/- per year

2. Jeevan Tarang : 3,00,000 – Premium 15066/ Per year

Both the policy i started in year 2006 and I pain premium for 9 year

2014 premium also i paid.

Annually I am making payment of 41000/-  for LIC

I started term insurance for 1,00,00,000 (DEC 2014 on wards) 12000/premium

I want suggestion,

Is it good idea to surrender both the policies now ?

If i surrender policies  how much money  i may get ?

Should i wait 1 more year to complete 10 year  and then surrender ?

What are the other good options to invest after taking surrender money ?

Please suggest all the possible ways


Yogesh S

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