LIC Death Claim issue because of name issue in death certificate

POSTED BY jsharma ON May 18, 2014 1:17 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear Sir/ madam,

My father’s name was Mr. X Y Z and it is also mentioned in his death certificate however in his LIC policy it was mentioned as Mr. X Z only i.e. his middle name was not written on it.

The LIC has obtained the certificate on non judicial stamp paper to the effect that both were same persons however now is denying us the death claim on these grounds, kindly throw light on this matter as well as any case laws or guidelines u might have came across in this regard .


J Sharma

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  1. divya.advisor says:

    LIC would not have issued your late father a policy without any identity proof and address proof. Use that to convince them to process a claim.
    Unless there is some gross differences in name these claims get passed ultimately.

    1. jsharma says:

      Thanks madam !!

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