Kotak CapitaL Multiplier Plan

POSTED BY Sandeep Mehra ON August 24, 2011 8:29 am COMMENTS (4)

Pls suggest should i take Kotak Capital Multiplier plan. What return will it provide if Rs 1 Lac invested in 5 yrs.

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  1. DP says:

    Dear Ramesh, I have just joined this blog hence replying after quite a few months and hope this will be of some help to you.

    Capital Multiplier plan is an conservative plan and is like any other endowment plan. Even if you pay premium for 5 years, your maturity will be minimum and would not be benefiting.

    For more clarity, you can check it on the website http://www.insurance.kotak.com



  2. Ramesh says:

    What is the reason for thinking about this plan?

    Do you think this is a short-term plan?

    1. Sandeep Mehra says:

      I Know its a long term plan, but premium paying term is 5 yrs, i want to know if i withdraw full proceeds in 6 th year waht will i get.

      1. Ramesh says:

        From what i read from the brochure, you will get 30% of [total premiums paid minus first year premium and rider premiums]. In short, pretty much nothing.

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