Jeevan Saral Query – Surrender before 3 yrs ?

POSTED BY kapil.karwa ON June 16, 2014 3:29 pm NO COMMENTS

Hello Sir. I took Jeevan Saral policy in Aug 2010. Half Yealy Premium= Rs 4852/- Sum Assured 2lac .I have paid 5 half yearly premiums(4852*5=Rs 24,260/- i.e for 2.5 years). After that i haven’t paid the premium.

I want to surrender it. Currently, I will get nothing as 3 years premium have not been paid. Now the LIC guys says pay the revival premium for the policy and then surrender to get some(80-90% of MSA) money back. Revival quote they gave me was of 3 half yearly premiums(4852*3=14556+100(late fee)) . So should i pay the revival premium to surrender in future or not to pay?Need your expertise, Thank You

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