ITR copy lost for last 3 years

POSTED BY Vishwanath ON February 16, 2012 7:53 pm COMMENTS (9)

Dear Manish & Team,
I have been submitting my Income tax return from 2003 till date and has Form No 2D (Saral) or ITS2 or ITR2 copy from 2003 to 2008 only.
I have lost the ITR2 copy for last 3 years and now i need a copy for Home Loan.
Now how can i get the ITR2 copy for last 3 years and from whom? Even my CA dont have the copy.
what is the exact procedure to get the previous year ITR copy?( i have never submitted ITR online).
So kind request to suggest the procedure.

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  1. Dear Viswanath, Please contact with application to your income tax office.



  2. Dear Viswanath, what about online ITRs?



    1. Vishwanath says:

      Till last year i have never submitted ITR thru ONLINE. This year will submit online.

  3. BanyanFA says:

    HI Vishwanath,
    I would love to get an update from you after your correspondence with our extremely efficient and customer service oriented Tax Department.

    Not sure if you have been inside a Tax department where the returns are stored. I would not even be surprised if they can not trace your copy of ITR.

    If you don’t hear from them after repetitive chase ups, your next best friend is RTI against IT Department.


  4. Dear Vishwanath, from which years you started online filing or should I say your CA filed online for you?

    If all the 3 ITRs were filed online, my dear friend, you may get the copy of your ITR_V from the e-filing website itself.

    In case you have filed only last ITR online & remaining ITR were physical ones, please write an application to the Income Tax office, where your ITRs were filed & asked there to provide the copy of your lost ITRs.



    1. Vishwanath says:

      Thanks for the suggestion,I will request the concern Income tax officer to provide photocopy of the ITR.
      Any other way to get the copy?

    2. Ankur Agrawal says:

      If I’ve filed online, I can get ITR-V online, yes.
      But what the return itself? (ITR 1,2, Saral… whatever was applicable for those years.)

      1. Dear Ankur, in case of online filing for past 4-5 years, you already have the excel utility with you from which you had generated your XML files to upload your ITR. So that excel utility print out + ITR-V ‘ll be your physical proof of ITR along with the receipt that your ITR-V has been accepted at CPC, Banglore.



  5. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Vishwanath,
    I wish I am wrong here – but probably there may not be a replacement for lost IT Return copies.

    However, there are always way arounds, specially for home loans. Ask the home loan company about their income criteria and if you could prove that you have been earning the same via proofs other than ITRs. Examples of such proofs can be Form 16 issued by the employer, Bank statements, Confirmation from banker to prove your interest income, etc. End of the day, ITR just summarises the Income details. It does not create an Income.

    It would be interesting to hear from other knowledgeable people out here for way arounds.


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