ITR-2 Allowance exempt under Section 10

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I need to fill in ITR-2 since I have foreign bank account which has only 100 pounds in it.

In Part B – TI – TTI, under Schedule S,
In item 1- I fill in the gross salary – professional tax as per my Form-16
In item 2- allowances exempt under section 10 — i fill in the details as per my form -16

Values in item 2 are not getting deducted from gross salary and after calculating tax, its showing much higher figure than what the company has paid in my tax.
I have filled all other forms as per my form-16 and I have no income from any other source(ie.. house or business).

Please do let me know where else do i need to mention my deduction for hra+medical allowance+conveyance allowance as mentioned in my form-16.

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  1. Dear Ajay, Please fill the gross salary figure after adjusting the allowances & then fill the allowance figure in the designated cell.



    1. Ajay says:

      Thanks Ashal for the help.

      Thanks & Regards,

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