Is there a Health policy which covers frequent doctor visits and medicine charges ?

POSTED BY Sourabh Das ON January 10, 2014 6:46 pm COMMENTS (7)

I want to invest in a health insurance policy, but I can not afford a big amount, what I want that I pay amount like 1k or 2k per month as premium and that should at least take care of some of the medical emergencies.

I know there are companies offering several facilities like cashless etc, but I am keen to know if there is any such health insurance company providing costs for frequent doctor visits and medicine charges as we do not always need hospitalization but often we need to visit doctors clinic, do some tests on monthly basis and buy medicines. If it is possible to get such policy? Please let me know.

Example: I have spent more then 15k during last 2 months as my wife suffered lumbar spondylosis and we needed to pay doctor 4 times, did  X rays, buy medicines, doing physiotherapy on daily basis for last 10 days and it will be continued.

I am giving this case study just to make cleat my requirements. Apart from hospitalization, some times, we need to pay a big amount for medical purpose too. We spend at least 5 to 7k per month for my father treatment.

I  expect some helpful reply from the forum member.



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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sourabh, please consult your case with medimanage people.



  2. vijay says:

    Although most health insurance providers in India cover only hospitalization (ignoring day-care), I recall going through one of the Apollo Munich’s health insurance plans that appeared to cover the basic doctor’s fees and medications and such with some deductible. Couldn’t find it when I just checked though.

  3. Sourabh Das says:

    Hello Ashalanshu, I got your point that once I am ill no company will cover me for my health. But, I am not ill and I am not sure whether I need to visit doctor clinic with in next 2 years or so. But, If I opt for a health insurance policy now ( if such policy exists) and pay regular premium, will it pay back some money when I would spend a large chunk of money for my treatment even with out hospitalization? This is my basic question.

    Is there any such plan? If health insurance policy are for coverage, I want to take a coverage now in fit condition and need to be repaid my money when I will fall ill and need treatment , medicines etc. Does not it make any sense?

    Please give answer to this basic question first. Hospitalization is an unpredictable thing but if one needs to be undergo long term treatment in near future for some disease which is not present now, it would be also an unplanned event to the person. Is not it?


  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sourabh, once it’s raining and you are wet, purchasing an umbrella is of no use. Here in your given case, as the health situation is already in problem, no insurer ‘ll cover the risk for a known claim.



  5. Sourabh Das says:

    Hello Manish, I have got your point and the concept of health insurance. But, even for OPD, we always not can be sure how many times I need to visit doctor or undergo tests, so it is also an unpredictable to predict in advance. Now, I am not sure if with in next 6 months I need to go to my doctor for how many number of times for any kind of disease whatsoever. So, even though if you are strategically correct while explaining the significance of health insurance,it does not make much sense if I think from my perspective.

    Please let me know if there is any health insurance that could some kind of rider or bonus for frequent health check ups or treatment apart from critical illness or hospitalization, if I pay premium regularly for any plan. Does such plan exist? Or it is still beyond our expectation? Please enlighten this field as I know many people who are really in need of such policies as medical expenditure is increasing day by day even if there is no hospitalization for a long time. Thanks again for your valuable comment.


    1. Hi Sourabh

      I looked upon internet after my last reply to you . Seems like there are policies which take care of the OPD tests and expenses, but they will be pre-defined in the policy . Also they will cover the medical costs which are incurred on the tests and not the DOCTOR’s fees , Its only covered once a doctor recommends it to you .

      Search a bit on this on internet and you will find a lot of things


  6. Sourabh

    First you need to understand that you can only get cover against those things which are UNPLANNED and UNSURE at this moment . If you are clear that you need to visit 3 times a year for doctor and medicines and their charges, then costs are already known, lets say its Sure shot Rs X per year, now you cant get a policy which covers it because the costs are known .

    Insurance as a concept is for something which is coverage against something which you are not sure about like hospitalization because of illness (which can happen or not happen) , accidents (which can happen or not happen).

    Only then its covered. If someone catches an illness, that moment itself, he is out of the health insurance coverage . Because the outcome is known . there is no business sense to cover such a person .

    Thats why in Health Insurance , you will be covered only for those things which MIGHT happen ! . Not WILL happen .


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