Is NRI allowed to have an eIA account ?

POSTED BY whitecar ON December 27, 2014 2:09 pm COMMENTS (3)


Do you know if an NRI is allowed to have an eIA account? I couldn’t find the option in CIRL website nor their contact details. Is any NRI in the forum have eIA account ?


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  1. whitecar says:

    Thanks Manish.. Yes.. I noticed the same as well..

    Balaji – Are you sure your eIA account is NRI type?

  2. balaji82 says:

    Yes, they can. I have a polcity with HDFC SL & they took the initiative to open the account. I filled a simple online form where I selected CAMS as the registrar & within a week my eIA account with opened with them.

  3. From what I am seeing on internet , seems like at this moment there is no option for NRI , because in the application form there is no option other than resident Indian ..


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