Is filing FIR in Police Station compulsory for issuing a duplicate passbook?

POSTED BY Ayush ON April 1, 2013 10:34 pm COMMENTS (23)

Hello everyone. I recently lost my SBI savings account passbook unfortunately somewhere in my home. When i approached the branch, they said i need to file an FIR in the nearest Police Station. They said without it they will not issue me a duplicate passbook. When i went to the Police Station, after making me wait for an hour, officers were asking me for a bribe to file an FIR. : ) They were also asking for my complete account and other personal details. I hesitated to disclose any personal details to anyone. I thought i should avoid having an argument with them. So i came back home without filing an FIR. Isn’t it too much to ask for, for just issuing a simple duplicate passbook? I also have accounts with HDFC and ICICI Bank, one for expenses and the other one for savings and investments. In HDFC Bank, they issue the passbook on the same day in case of loss of passbook. You just have to give a written application to them and its done within few minutes. Now i am thinking of leaving the SBI account dormant after leaving the balance to zero. It is so much of a headache. : ) I only opened the savings account with SBI becuase they have the best network of ATMs in the country. Is filing FIR in Police Station compulsory for issuing a duplicate passbook?

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  1. shivam prajapati says:

    sir i want to ask that any fir fees for new passbook submitted in police station or the fir is free of cost

    1. FIR is always free of cost

    2. Shamim says:

      I also went they want a fir really annoying.. I myself is the account holder. I don’t understand y they r fucking asking for FIR

  2. Rajeev gupta says:

    There is a account of my wife in SBI branch, Nagina,district Bijnor,UP. Her account’s passbook is lost but when I go to the manager to issue a second passbook he said that we have to report a FIR first and then I will issue a new one. I said that FIR is not must for the issuance but he threatened me to close my account. He is always found chewing “Gutka and pan” So what should I do against branch manager Rajeev gupta

    1. File a complaint with bank griviance cell as of now and then also complain to banking ombudsman

  3. Saravanan says:

    Hi, Its not required. I got one for my sister last week in SBI bank at Coimbatore. They made address change and issued new passbook both in 1 hour on Saturday. Even i was shocked how comes SBI is service is that great. As manish pointed out some people just send u back and dont want to work. Even this happened when i went for address change at koramangala, bangalore branch. For silly reasons sent me back twice I did not go again.

  4. Ayush says:

    Thanks vinayak for pointing out. I appreciate it.

  5. vinayak k rr says:

    Issue of duplicate pass book —With latest balance Rs.100/- (Additional Rs.100/- for every 40 entries or part thereof)
    This is from SBI
    Pass Book
    The pass book and cheque book supplied to the account holder should be kept in a safe place. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss or incorrect payment attributable to the account holders neglect in this regard. (Rule Nos. 18, 29). For withdrawing cash by means of a withdrawal form, the pass book must be presented. Withdrawals using cheque forms and Debit card can be effected without pass book. Deposits may be made without production of the pass book. (Rule No. 15) Pass book should be got updated regularly. The pass book will be returned to the accountholder immediately after completion of the transaction duly updated. In case it is not collected within a weeks time, it will be returned to them by Registered A.D. post/ Courier at their cost. (Rule No. 16) The account holders should carefully examine the entries in their pass books and draw the Banks attention to errors or omissions, if any. (Rule No. 17)
    Duplicate in lieu of the lost or mutilated pass book may be issued on receipt of a written request from the account holder after necessary enquiries, completion of formalities and recovery of prescribed charges. The current charges prescribed for this are available at the Banks website This information can also be obtained from Branches. (Rule No. 20)

  6. Ayush says:

    Thanks Sohil. Will do that!

  7. Sohil says:

    Even a more simple method is asked them for in writing with their name or managers sign that you need FIR.Also asked them which Notification of the said bank states that FIR is one of the needs.

    If they refuse any in writing than simply ask them i want to contact banking ombudsmen kindly give their number.

    RTI and all others will help but thats a bit tedious or more hardworking for a simple case of duplicate passbook.Also if possible try to use netbanking and USE pdf format for bank statments rather than passbook(i hope you a bit net savvy).

  8. Ayush says:

    Sure Ashal, will do update and thanks vinayak for the reply.

  9. vinayak k rr says:

    Dear Ayush,
    I suggest you to ask for procedure and conditions followed by SBI through RTI. you will get a prompt reply. Check if that RTI information speaks about FIR.
    I have a very bitter experience with SBI but i proved them wrong. This is my story.
    My mother expired few years back. She had a salaried account with SBI. After her death, I went to the bank and asked for closing of the account and return the money that is present in the account which is just 2k. They told that the account doesnt have nominee and so they gave me a booklet to fill it up and told that this is the common procedure they follow which required 3 witnesses and then their accoutn statements…bla bla bla.. its too big. i was sure that she had a i filed an RTI enclosing the death certificate and legal heir certificate and asked for a photo copy of her application when she opened the account. i got the photo copy and there was a nominee and that was my name. I went to the bank and asked the same question that i want to close the account and if there was any nominee they gave me the same reply and same booklet again. when i showed them the RTI letter from their manager. they were shocked and were looking at me as if i flicked the application from them and were very frustated. I went to the manager and asked him what kind of work they were doing .. BM was shouting the employes and was saying that they were too busy and couldnt take care of the customer and said that they were not atleast corrupt.. still when i go to the bank for any work they have that angry look at me.. i dont mind.. so help urself..all nationalised banks come under RTI. This will b a better way. I belive ..hope u get ur issue resolved

    1. Tanmoy modak says:

      Thanks for your reply.

  10. Dear Ayush, we ‘ll wait for the update from your side.



  11. Ayush says:

    Sure Ashal will do. Thats a good idea. : )

  12. Dear Ayush, instead of letting the account dormant, better to close it for good. At the time of closing, declare the reason of closure clearly with the name of the officer mentioned.



  13. Ayush says:

    Thanks Free Financial Calculators, Naveen Kumar, Manish and Anand for the replies. I appreciate it. : ) After reading your replies i went again to the branch and this time the same lady officer who was persistent for filing an FIR said that it is not compulsory. I was amazed by her reply. I also felt angry that i have to make two trips to the bank for this. The lady officer said, i have to talk to the Branch Manager in this regard and if he agrees, she will issue me the duplicate passbook. So i waited for another 1 hour since the Branch Manager was not in his room. When he didn’t came for another 15 minutes, i left for home. So i have to make another trip to the bank. This time i will directly talk to the Branch Manager and if he doesn’t agrees i am done with the bank. I will leave the account dormant after leaving the balance to zero. So much for issuing a simple passbook. : )

  14. Anand says:

    FIR not at all mandatory. You should have gone to the bank manager directly.

  15. Couple of points from my side , purely my personal opinion , you can take them or just happily avoid them and move on ..

    1. Updating passbook – As Naveen said, many old people still go to bank and get the passbook updated , I have my father in law too of that category , despite me telling him that its of no use now a days in this era of internet banking . While updating the passbook will only help and will make sure things are in place, I personally find it worthless activity . A lot of people are still not comfortable as Naveen said , but thats more of their way of looking at it,and being over-suspicious thinking – “What if something goes wrong in future … let me update my passbook” . So if you are personally looking for getting a duplicate passbook . I would say just let it go and happily operate your account without it .

    2. SBI telling for getting a FIR – I suspect that SBI guy who told you that was not in the mood to work that day and just wants to tell you things which will make sure his work decreases. As confirmed by Pattu and some other people here ,that FIR is not required just for a saving bank account lost passbook . It just does not make logical sense . I would say go to the SBI bank branch and tell that officer that you filed a RTI and put his officer name and asked them that what this officer is telling me is really required or not and RTI reply said that – There is no requirement like that . Demand him to meet bank manager and confirm it , also give reference of Naveen incident and there is no mention of FIR thing anywhere . May be he will budge !

    3. You opted for SBI because of large ATM network – Fine .. it was a right thing to do some time back , but now you can do 5 transactions each month in any ATM ! .. thats more than what more people need most of the time , so now I hope you are not very attached to this point 🙂

    These are all my personal viewpoints . Happily ignore if you do not agree .. Good luck


  16. Naveen Kumar says:

    Hi ayush,

    Let me share my exp with SBH , where both my parents have sb accounts.
    My father needs passbook entries because he is not comfortable with debit card transactions and not having much knowledge about internet etc..

    he kept both passbooks at some location and couldn’t recollect where they are.
    Later, i have been to SBH branch and paid a challan payin slip( below 50 i remember 3yrs back) for both the accounts and submitted receipts to clerk, where i have been told to come at 4pm later on the same day with both my mom and dad passport size photos…

    Passbooks are ready and photos are pasted and stamped with bank seal and submitted to me on the evening itself.

    I felt happy for the service bcos my parents cant travel long to do this by themselves..

    I am really surprised to come to know about ur case , are they issuing any passport are what???

    check with the bank staff once again

  17. I have lost my SBI passbook twice and got it replaced. There is no such rule. These days they have our photo and signature stored in the computer. So if the account holder turns up and gives a request for new passbook they will have to comply.

    if you wish to purse give a complaint first to SBI customer cell and them to the ombudsman. Not worth the trouble if you have net banking with transaction rights. These days I don’t even know where my passbook is.

  18. Dear Ahyush, FIR is not at all mandatory to avail a duplicate passbook. Still I w’d like you to check with the customer care of SBI to know the procedure for issuing a duplicate passbook. By the way – if you are having netbanking facility with SBI, where is the need of passbook? Even SBI is also offering e-statement over e-mails just like HDFC & ICICI & other banks. Opt it for your own convenience.



    1. Ayush says:

      Thanks Ashal for the reply. I called the SBI Customer Care at their Toll Free number. They said they are not sure about compulsion of filing an FIR for issuing a duplicate passbook. They advised me to file an online complaint with the SBI to know more about it. They said i will get a call from SBI Head Office. So i filed an online complaint and got a ticket number. Now i am expecting a call from them. Lets see what happens. : ) Netbanking is activated in my account, so i can login and see the details as for now.

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