Is Entry Load applicable at renewal on Mediclaim of New India Assurance ltd Policy

POSTED BY Suresh Agarwal ON October 22, 2014 12:14 pm NO COMMENTS

Manish Sir

I have very bad experience with New India Assurance Ltd.

I have a policy with New India Assurance Co Ltd from last 20 years husband & wife.

Last year we have increased the policy amount and updated it from Mediclaim 2007 to Mediclaim 2012.last year also they asked me to pay the entry load charges but on approach we brought in their knowledge that it is not a new policy.They want to say that we are not charging entry load but computer software is showing the entry load only and not included in the premium amount.It is shown as software mistake.

They agreed and accepted that software is not working properly.

They actual not charged the entry load and renew the policy.

This time again problem arises of entry load.This time their say is that we have a claim last year (There was a claim for Cataract Operation of my wife),so we have to charge the entry load.

Please let me know real fact and suggest me how to put my says properly to them?

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