is ELSS still under section 80(C)? (as on July 2012)

POSTED BY Udit ON July 11, 2012 1:38 am COMMENTS (3)

DTC was not implemented in the Budget 2012. However the government is proposing to bring DTC bill in the monsoon session. My question is:

1. Is ELSS still under 80(C)?
2. If I buy a ELSS plan tomorrow and DTC is passed in monsoon session, will my investment be still under 80(C)?

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  1. Udit Sajjanhar says:

    thanks Ashal & Ramesh

  2. Dear Udit, For the current FY, ELSS are available under Sec.80C. DTC is still a talk only. Let the wise men decide it’s fate. Relax & sit easy. Invest in ELSS as per your choice & target for the current FY.



  3. Ramesh says:

    This year’s IT rules already say that ELSS continue to be in 80C.

    Whatever will be done will happen from next FY onwards, if at all.

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