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POSTED BY sandip wakchaure ON August 22, 2013 3:18 pm COMMENTS (4)


I am planning to invest for my retirment. I would like to have 2-3crore at the time of retirment. I am 32yrs old and planning to retire early at 55yrs. I can invest Rs20,000 per month.

Could you please let me know different mode of investment to achieve my retirement goal.



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  1. Dear Sandip, May I know your current mly expenses to pin point your retirement corpus?



  2. sandip wakchaure says:

    @Ashal. I roughly estimated 2-3 crore no. If by investing rs20,000pm, i get more, it would be surely good…
    @Gaurav. Since i am a low risk taker, i am investing in PPF with full limit.
    I will surely check with Financial planner for the same..

  3. Dear Sandip, are you sure 2-3 Crore Rs. ‘ll be enough for you in your post retired life? How did you reach this figure? Any calculation or is it just your comfort number?



  4. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Sir if you really have 20,000 Rs. p.m. to invest and you are sure you want to get 2-3 crores then pls get service of some professional financial planner. Because there are many complicated options on this planet if taken blindly. Like PPF, Stocks, MFs, FMPs, Real Estate etc..

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