Investment in Silver

POSTED BY Siddhesh Ayre ON November 12, 2012 11:32 pm COMMENTS (4)

What are the charges and taxes applicable in E-Silver? Are there any other ways of investing in Silver?

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  1. Dear Siddhesh, what’s the update from you oin the matter?



  2. As of now I personally dont know other ways of investing in Silver than e-Silver . You can open a demat account with of the the authorised DP of NSEL (exchange where you can buy e-Silver) , the charges would be demat yearly charges and the transaction charges .

    Read this for more –


    1. Biswa Singh says:

      BullionIndia is also a way to invest. Good thing aobut it is that you dont have to buy 0.1g gold or 1g silver. So going forward it will seriously challange GoldFund and etf.

      I checked with their customer care and shocked to know that their eTrade tool does not work with interenet explorer. UNBELIEVABLE!! The told that eTrade only works with Mozzilla or Chrome. I tried with Chrome and still it did not work. Its difficult to accept that a trading tool is not created for internet explorer.

  3. bharat shah says:

    You may check for one more option.
    income tax is normal as LTCG or STCG depending upon holding period 3yrs or more or less than 3 yrs resply. in case of sale.

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