Investment advice for first time investor

POSTED BY Uday Kuls ON March 29, 2013 1:48 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hello,  I’ve recently started working.  Till last year, however, I had not invested in anything, as my tax liability was quite low, and it didn’t seem worth it. 

However, I’d like to get on it with the new financial year coming up ( thos on’e almost over for me to do anything), as there’s money lying idle. 

With changing financial backgrounds, it’s difficult to know where to put one’s money in…I’d like to have some decent RoI on it as well. 

I’ll probably be investing something in PPF.  What else should I invest in please? and specifically? It’s easy to say Life insurance or mutual funds, but there’re quite a lot of them in the market. Which one to go for? And what to look out for if you’re starting at the beginning? 


I’d be obliged if someone could help me out on this. The sooner I start, the better. The investment I’m looking at would be somewhere in the region of 1.5 Lakh or so. It’s a tiny amount, but have to start somewhere…

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  1. Dear Uday, are you going to post more details regarding yourself?



  2. Dear Uday, what sort of advice you want? Without knowing much about your requiremnts, offering anything to you ‘ll not be good for your financial health. the FAQs are for meant for normal ordinary common investors not for seasoned ones. Still if you feel, there is something which you want to understand, please feel free to ask.

    I’m still not replying a direct spoonfeed answer to your query that X amount you should invest in PPF & Y amount in MFs &…… I want you to walk on your legs & eat from your own hands using your own brain. am I wrong in my apporach to make you learn the basics?



    1. Uday Kuls says:

      I see. Thanks for your help.

  3. Dear Uday, please do not invest a single Rs. from your money as of now. First invest your time. Please read past discussions here in the forum. You ‘ll get a lot of info. For a start I’m giving you a link from the past discussion. Please check it & after reading it in full, please post your queries either in that discussion or here in your own discussion.




    1. Uday Kuls says:


      I did check the FAQs….but most of the questions and answers are sort of abstract, perhaps meant for a more seasoned investor.

      I just wanted to examine a few investment options at the start, I got the PPF hint from this platform. However, what else should I invest in? There are quite a few investment products in the market, and it is difficult, perhaps, for a novice to judge the correct option.

      Hence, I’d be grateful if you could have any advice to offer…Thanks.

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