Investing 3lacs, please suggest me which one is better..

POSTED BY kalyan ON August 29, 2011 9:23 pm COMMENTS (4)


I have this 3 lacs with me. I want to invest it in a safe place (i mean some risk with the income i earn is ok). Which one is better, Liquid funds or MIP(Monthly income plan) or Fixed deposit.

Liquidity: For next one year i will not need the money but after that, i may need this at some point of time which i am not sure right now.

Tax: Forget about the tax bracket, i will not come under tax becuase of this income.

Risk: I am ready to take some risk with the income that comes from this 3lacs.


Question: Which one among the above (or similar one that you want to suggest me)would give me better returns…??


By the way, most of the times i am a silent reader and i appreciate you guys who are really helping us to understand financial things better.

Thank you all.



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  1. kalyan says:

    Thanks manish, ramesh and ashal for the pointers.

    ashal, what you said sounds like a plan to me….thank you.

  2. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Kalyan, for your requirement, I feel 1.5L Rs. in odd maturity bank FD (444 days or 555 days) & remaining 1.5L Rs. in HDFC MIP LT Plan should be invested.



  3. Ramesh says:

    MIP do not give protection of capital.

    Use FD or liquid or short-term debt funds.

  4. Kalyan

    As you want a little risk on this money , and given the current market uncertainity + You requirement of it being liquid , I can think of pure debt funds or MIP’s (growth option)


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