Invest in one large cap and in midcap through sip on mutual fund

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My Existing MF are:-

I have been already investing through SIP in

a>ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (1000/month).

b>HDFC Top 200 Fund (1000/month).

c>Reliance Gold Savings Fund (500/month).

My objective is for further investing:-

I want to invest further through SIP in MF on

A>one Largecap and

B>one Midcap.

My Time frame will for this future invest:-

A>For Large cap I’ll take 20 years and

B>for Midcap my time will be 5 to 10 years.(If necessary, then I’ll take more time fore that)

My Query:-

For large cap and mid cap I have list of more fund. But I want only one from each category(One is for Large category and is for Midcap category).

Please help me to choose right one.


I consider for Large cap:

(a) ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan or

(b) Quantum Long Term Equity Fund or

(c) Tata ethical Fund.

And I consider for Midcap:

(a) Franklin Smaller Companies Fund or

(b) Birla Sun Life MNC Fund or

(c) Birla Value Fund or

(d) UTI MNC Fund

Please help with your advice.

Thank you in advance.


4 replies on this article “Invest in one large cap and in midcap through sip on mutual fund”

  1. abhinav says:

    As sugeested in another topic, you can try researching for PPFAS mutual fund

    1. atanu says:

      Thanks for your reply.
      I make a decision to start SIP on PPFAS Long Term Value Fund (1000/month).
      I hope this fund rich me in long term.
      If you have any other information /advice, please give me.

  2. santy221 says:

    You can choose to increase your contribution in existing funds. If you want to pick other funds, here is my choice.

    ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan
    Franklin Smaller Companies Fund

    1. atanu says:

      Please also advise if there are better large cap and midcap fund than ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan(large cap) and Franklin Smaller Companies Fund(mid cap).
      Thank you

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