Invest in Mahindra Satyam?

POSTED BY Amit Kumar Singh ON December 30, 2010 12:17 am COMMENTS (5)

Is it good time to invest in Mahindra satyam  at this point of time with a time horizon of 5 years or should I wait for it to correct more?

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  1. Rajendran says:

    Don’t look at MSAT from a 5 year perspective b’coz once the accounts are fine and all the cases are solved. They will merge the company with Tech Mah and surely the ratio would favor the TECH MAH company b’coz of its balance sheet and M&M will have advantage in doing so..

    So please see that u get out of it before the merge.

    This is my opinion and I might be wrong too.

  2. Amit Kumar Singh says:

    In that case, I think it’s better to wait for next 2-3 quarter results and then decide whether to invest or not.

  3. Amit Kumar Singh says:

    I am looking for the future growth potential of the company.

    1. Ramesh says:

      You need to quantify the intrinsic value as well as the growth potential of the company, reasonably and approximately. For that, you need the proper accounts statements, which is the problem with this company!!

  4. Ramesh says:


    What do you think is the intrinsic value of the company? And future growth potential?


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