Insurance Policies & Mutual fund is better for Money saving or only Home loans

POSTED BY Vijay Tripathi ON March 24, 2013 7:34 pm ONE COMMENT

I have Insurance policies with LIC,Reliance,SBI & mutual fund with DSP black rock & birla sun life.

but my friends are telling that insurance policies are waste as in future inflation rate will increase then the amount which we will get from policies will be very less as compared to current rate of money after 20 yrs.

But if we take Home loan then,our home rate will increase as per market inflation rate so we can good returns…which will meet the market rates..

i want know is it really true.. as i believe that policies allow us to save money from very small amount in intervals to get a big amount when you require it..

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  1. Dear Vijay, How can you compare a cash outflow towards saving to cash flow outflow for serving a loan? Actually both things are wrong, if you eamtn to save for your goals.

    Please do not mix your investment needs with insurance. Purchase pure term cover for insurance needs & invest your hard earned money into plain investment product like PF, PPF, FDs, MFs.



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