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Dear all,


I have applied for pan card 3.8yrs before and received the pan card. My actual name was M. Udaya Kumar, same is mentioned in my SSLC, 12th & Degree certificates. M – stands for my sur name Macherla. Instead of that i received the card with S. Udaya Kumar, S – Stands for Sriramulu(my father name). When i enquired about this issue, the agent replied that they will only considered the first letter of father\’s name and not the sur name. Now when i tried to invest in mutual funds & Reliance gold, i was answered that with the discrepancy in the initial the claims or redemption would become difficult at the maturity period. Application and proof were processed at NSDL. Please suggest a way to rectify this issue.



Udaya Kumar M

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  1. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Uday, Please apply for name rectification in your PAN card with the relevant ID & adress proof. Please do not forget to attach the copy of your existing PAN.

    Once the rectified PAN card is with you, you may update the same with all your financuial transactions be it for Banks, MFs, Stocks….



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