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Hi guys,
I have been following ur blog for quite some time now.Its really inforamtive and useful for newbies like me.
query1:I am planning to save money in rd and generate lumpsum.I plan to wait till sensex loses some points(may be to a level 14000 or 15000) and invest the lumpsum in some index fund which tracks sensex.Please tell me if this approach is correct or should i go for sip in index fund.
query2:can u pls list some top index fund which tracks sensex
query3:pls list out the pros and cons of index fund
Thanks in Advance,

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  1. Ramesh says:

    answer to query-1. what if the sensex doesnt fall to that level? OR if it does and you invest at that level, and it goes on falling further to 10000 or so. Then what will you think and do? Better is to plan your strategy and do SIP with or without lumpsums.

    answer to query-2. franklin india index plan – sensex is probably the best.

    answer to query3.
    pros: remains invested in equities and does not have any fund manager bias. lower management fees as compared to any actively managed fund.
    cons: has to track the index which in India is not so well diversified as compared to some other countries.

    1. vj-manutdfan says:

      Thanks a lot ramesh

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