Improve cibil after settled a credit card

POSTED BY Robin Bachhraj ON January 24, 2013 9:29 am COMMENTS (6)


I settled a hdfc credit card in May-12. My total outsatding was 48,000 (25000 principl & 23 interest & penlety.) & I setlled in Rs. 15,300. Now my Cbil score is 630 * I want to improve It.

Please suggest how can I improve it….

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  1. CIBIL says:

    For resolution of your queries, kindly write to us online by visiting the following url on our website:

  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Robin,

    The settlement being recent has impacted your score negatively. Check with HDFC Bank if they are ready to accept the outstanding amount of this settled loan and if they will remove the “Settled” remark post the payment – assuming you are willing to pay the same.

    Your credit score will gradually improve once this payment is done.


  3. Dear Robin, first of all please pay in full that old credit card bill & get NOC from the issuer as well ask there to update your status from settled to fully paid/ No due.

    Once that thing is done. Please avail a credit card against FD. Use only 50% of your limit & every month, pay in full. You ‘ll be able to see the improvement in your score over a period of time after all these actions. It ‘ll not come overnight.

    Please do not go for financing of TV, AC & bike to improve your credit score.



  4. Robin Bachhraj says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for reply.
    1. I want to know that dredit card against fd will help to improve cbil.
    2. Taking Lcd/AC & bike on finance & pay it properly will impact on cbil score.

    warm regards

  5. Dear Robin, on immediate basis, please pay off that old bill in full for immediate impact on your cibil report.



  6. Dear Robin, please read the following discussion for your own good.




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