Identifying good FPs

POSTED BY Sarav ON October 18, 2012 9:20 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hi Manish, 

How do we identify the good financial planner? What are the basic questions to be asked with them? It will be useful for us to evaluate and trust his knowledge 

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  1. Dear Sarav, all the parameters mentioned by you are ok. You are welcome on board. Please feel free to contact any FP of your choice. As your thought process is clear, surely you ‘ll get the one, you are looking for.

    Please check below link also.



  2. Sarav says:

    Hmm… some one has good knowledge on financial planning and unbiased on products, someone is not money minded, someone who cares about the customer and more importantly patient enough to explain stuff simply rather asking too many question and confuse the customers…
    I can see manish and other few ppl who responds to the forum have good knowledge and polite in explaining things as well..

  3. Dear Sarav, if a good planner is available, w’d you accept his fee & all T&C immediately or w’d like to have a second opinion from a different planner who is ready to do the job for a lower fee?

    What’s the definition of Good for you? Please answer.



  4. Dhinesh Kumar says:

    Good financial planner
    1.Should not be biased ( Company ,Instruments )
    2.Should be knowledgeable(Without saying)
    3.Explaining in simple & Understanding manner
    Basic Question
    1.experience in Finance industry
    2.Educational qualification( whether he really holds a diploma in Financial planning-FPSB or NSE certified in Financial planning)
    3,Does he belongs to a particular Insurance /Mutual fund/Trading/Health insurance company ( It will helps to identify whether he is biased or not)

  5. Biswa Singh says:

    The best thing is to first educate yourself. Once you do that either you don’t need a financial planner or you will natuarally come to know whether he is good or bad.

    I myself was quite ignorant about personal finance. But just before 6 months i bumbed into the jagoinvestor site and found that i was just a fool. Then i read almost all the blogs of Jagoinvestor. Followed up the forum queries. Also i read the boook writeen by Manish.

    Lately I had been approached by few financial planners and i could convince them that whatever they are suggesting is really not going to help me. Those guys are shocked to know about my knowledge 🙂

    1. Excellent Biswa !

      Sarav, you should look at these 10 quality in your Financial planners .

      I am proud to say that we at jagoinvestor follow all the 10 principles !


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