IDBI offering Life time free debit card but charging annually and fooling customers

POSTED BY MKK ON October 25, 2013 9:15 am COMMENTS (4)

This is for the information for all BEING ME Account holders at IDBI Bank across India –

I want to bring to your kind notice that there are thousands of customers who have been cheated and fooled by IDBI by offering this Life time free debit card but charging them annually


You might be aware that, as initially launched, promised and offered, the ‘Being Me’ ATM cum Debit card was a Life time free debit card to the BEING ME Account holders.
But soon after, IDBI bank started charging an annual fee of Rs 110 on the same card.
After a long ( almost a year ) of legal, technical and administrative follow-up , complaints and escalation ( till OMBUDSMAN and R.B.I )they have revert back the charges being levied and also decided to continue offering it as Life time free debit card for those accounts which have been opened before May 30, 2012.

As per RBI authority order

“We, therefore, advise that the old customers should be exempt from any stipulation of annual charges and they all should be intimated in this regard.”

Action for Existing/Effected Customers

– Give a request to your IDBI bank Branch for reversing the annual charges of Rs.110/- to your account. If you have been charged more than once till now, please asked accordingly the refund amount i.e for two years ask for Rs 220. You can check your account statement or call the customer care if you are not sure how many times till now you have been charged for that. Simply write an application for refund to your branch manager giving your account details (account number and date of opening the account). If you are not sure of date of opening of account any bank branch should be able to help you or else you can simply mention that it has been opened before May 30, 2012.

– Make sure that you will not be charged for debit card annual fee again in future.

Though the amount looks small but you should ask for it because –

1) Such action will stop them following wrong, socially unlawful and unethical activities in future.

2) If refund is not asked it would mean that any bank can take any arbitrary decision and defeat the very objective of customer service.

3) Will avoid any biased, incorrect and designed offers which unfairly favour the Bank and disfavour the customers.

4) Will Stop them from giving misleading advertisements and press releases.

5) Finally it is your hard earned money. Did you ever heard that the Bank has left customers on any default by just giving warnings? Customers are always penalized for any default like for single day delay in payment of an EMI, credit card bill, not maintaining minimum balance etc etc.

Let me know if you need any help.

4 replies on this article “IDBI offering Life time free debit card but charging annually and fooling customers”

  1. hemanthchandra62 says:

    Kudos to you Mr. MKK…… I am really inspired by people like you who fight back….. 🙂

    You can post this article in which is a website which collects user reviews. A lot of problems that are posted in the website faced from banks,online websites etc. are solved….

  2. MKK says:

    Thanks ! I have to fought to get the justice. Dozens of mails, Dozens of calls, Dozens of Scans Proofs , Dozens of legal references , along with time and money !

    Please let me know other social forums where I can post this for the benefit of common man so that these people should understand the power of common man.

  3. Vaibhav Goyal says:

    Great work! And thanks for sharing with us

  4. Anshuk Jain says:

    Good to see that people are fighting back. Kudos

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