ICICIDirect or FundsIndia?

POSTED BY Kulkarni P ON December 24, 2011 9:18 am COMMENTS (10)

Hi all,
I have a query about online Mutual Funds investments.

I plan to star SIP thru online. I am having FundsIndia account as well as ICICIDirect. Need your suggestion which one should I opt?

I heard that ICICIDirect charges some amount for every SIP transaction.

Please suggest.


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  1. Siva says:

    Hi guys….I want to start investment in shares….Please suggest me which bank is best to open demat account according to charges.

    1. Zeroda is a good option !

  2. Dear Vineet, sorry – typo error in my prev. reply – First of all thanks sharing your views.

    Hope you w’d not mind the typo error.



  3. Dear Vineet, First of all sharing your views. Please read my reply. I already told that 8L cut off point for Icici-direct. As far as SIP registration goes, my dear friend we do not change our SIPs on the drop of a hat. By the way, To avoid this SIP drawback. I’m using Debt Fund – STP – Eq. fund route for my investments. I’m able to earn better returns on my debt money than bank interest.



  4. Vineet says:

    All above views are pro-fundsindia. I would like to put forward another view.
    If you have already invested through ICICIDirect and already have corpus more than 8L with them, new SIPs should be started through them. In such cases they don’t charge any comission. FundsIndia is good for new beginners or for those who do not have already 8L with ICICIDirect. I prefer ICICIDirect because of their integration with ICICI bank account. Starting/changing SIPs is easier/instant with them. For FundIndia, you have to setup SIP online, then get printout for ECS, sign and send to them by snail mail. Whole process takes more than month. Apart from this disadvantage FundsIndia is really a good choice. If you don’t change SIP setups frequently pain taken to setup SIP at fundsindia is worth it.

  5. Yep, I support not using ICICI Direct. For a SIP of 1000 and they charge Rs.15 which is 1.5% – I consider this as a entry load really!!

  6. Hi

    Yes , funds india is best option.
    I faced problems with ICICI Direct.com and now shifted to Fundsindia.com which is very comfort.

    Thank You
    R Siva Prasad


    Dear Kulkarni

    You need to use Fundsindia account only as they don’t charge you anything.

    In ICICI direct they charge RS.30/- for every SIP .


    I am also using Fundsindia for my mutual fund investment

    Happy investing!!!!


  8. Dear Kulkarni, All transactions done on http://www.fundsindia. com platform are free of cost. where as for I- Direct these are chargeable till the basic investment figure reaches 8L mark.

    Take your own pick from the 2. My own take for my money is http://www.fundsindia. com



  9. Dear Kulkarni, SIP or any transaction with http://www.fundsindia. com are free of cost where as every transactions done on I-Direct platform is chargeable. Yes if your total MF portfolio crosses the figure of 8L Rs., then only the charges ‘ll become zero for I-Direct.

    Take your own pick.



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