ICICI Pru Pinnacle II returns query ?

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Hi Manish,

Of late, I started reading on investments and found myself trapped, as were many others, either due to negligence or lack of knowledge. I invested in ‘ICICI Pru Pinnacle II’ in 2011 with the following attributes.

SA – Rs. 500,000/-
Premium – Rs. 50,000/-
Premium Paying Term – 5 years
Maturity – 10 years

‘ICICI Pru Pinnacle II’ claims to give returns based on the highest NAV recorded at any time during the 7 years, instead of that based on the final NAV.

Do they really keep up to their terms as stated OR is there any hidden clause that goes makes it a usual ULIP?

What percentage can I expect at maturity?


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jimmy, 7Y is your prem. paymen term and 10Y is your policy term.



  2. jimmyjose2980 says:

    Thanks Ashal! I did answer to my query in the post.

    One thing that I could find mentioned within the post is about the maturity period. My policy document states 10 years as maturity period.

    What is that all about?


  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jimmy, please read past discussion for the product in question.



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