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I have been investing in ICICI PRU FMCG FUND- G for past 6 months thru SIP. The absolute returns for the past six months are shown as 13.4% however, the actual returns as indicated in my account @ fundsindia is 2.20%. Why there is so much differnence in the returns?

Also, please clarify difference between absolute returns and annualized returns..


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  1. rajan.panchal24@gmail.com says:

    thanks ashal 🙁

  2. Dear Rajan, had you invested all your 6SIPs in a single shot 6months ago, your actual return w’d be the same – 13.4% but as you invested mly, the impact of different entry points has brough down your actual return.

    How to calculate, is already discussed by dear FFc, hence not elaborating more.



  3. If you invest 100 and get 10% in 1st year and 10 % in second year

    the total amount is 121

    absolute returns is 121-100/100 = 21%

    annualized return is found from
    121 = 100*(1+r)*(1+r) where r is the rate of annualized return = 10% obviously

    Use this annualized SIP return calculator to find out if 2.20% is your annualized return or not (most probably the case and hence the difference)


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