I want insurance and investment both

POSTED BY Ritesh Purohit ON September 6, 2012 8:25 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi, i am Ritesh, 27, unmarried. i am looking for insurance and investment. one of my friend has advised to take one term policy and other is to invest in mutual fund through SIP? is it a good idea? i’ve two questions.

1. is it wise to take Term Plan before marrige.

2. is it my money will be safe in SIP?

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  1. kumar143144 says:

    I suggest you invest in LIC, Jeevan saral Plan
    This plan is a combination of investment and insurance.

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    Anways just give a clue to your further reading your friend is absolutely correct.

  3. Dear Ritesh, please do not purchase any thing for next 15-30 days. Yes you read it right, do nothing in terms of purchase any product.

    Spend your time to read past discussions on this forum. You ‘ll get a lot of info as well as knowledge & at the end of the journey, you ‘ll be able to decide on your own, what you should do?

    If you are still in doubt, please visit here again & we ‘ll try to answer your queries.



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