I am confused about SBI maxgain home loan calculation done by Bank !

POSTED BY vijaya ON October 22, 2013 7:55 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Ashal,

We have taken SBi-max gain home loan for 33L in the month of Aug-2013 and our EMI starts from SEP-2013.  I am confused about the calculation the bank is doing on loan account. I want to know whether our loan account on on correct platform. I have given the details of my Max-gain loan account. Please help me to understand the following.

Book Balance = – 27,42,855.00     

Available Balance = 5,29,608.00  

Limit = 32,72,463.00      

Drawing Power = 32,72,463.00   


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vijaya, please send me your account statement over e-mail. I want to check it before making any comment.



  2. vijaya says:


    Sorry the EMI starts from AUG-2013 (EMI = 32,006). My doubt is we have taken loan for 33 lakh but the drawing power is showing 32,72,463.00. What does it mean where the balance 27,573 went?

    One more doubt is still the bank released 27,66,600 this much amount to the builder. But the book balance is showing – 27,42,855.00. Why this difference came? I am confused with the calculation. Please clarify.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vijaya, what’s the problem? As of now your loan is under partial disbursal state. I think, Full Sept EMI has been adjusted towards basic loan amount and that’s why the drawing power has come down to 3272463 Rs.



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