How to protect your Home/Asset ownership after we have closed the home loan ?

POSTED BY Muthu ON September 21, 2014 10:27 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi All,

I might sound naive but this question came up when I was discussing with my friend regarding pre-closure of Home loan.

How do we protect our house related documents, deed/the actual ownership itself? With lot of scams going around in the recent days, there were lot of people who went through such life shattering experiences. May be we have seen it in movies or in real life, but there are cases where the actual owner possesses the necessary documents/deeds but without their knowledge their property is sold to another person with or without the help of insiders in registrar offices. You know what I’m saying?

Till the time we pay our home loan, the documents are with the bank and thats a proof that we are the rightful owner of a property and no one can claim/ sell that property without our knowledge. But once we close our home loan and claim the original deed and documents, how do we protect the property from the above said scams? Once we own a house, we never bother to take the Encumberance certificate or so to validate our ownership in specific intervals. So how do we safe guard ourselves from these scams?

Am not sure if there is an article in our forum regarding this but I thought I will raise this to get answers from other members.



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