How to invest in silver

POSTED BY Anand ON December 13, 2010 6:36 pm COMMENTS (6)


One can invest in gold through physical gold and gold ETF.

Similarly, how can one invest in silver now that its prices are also going high?

Is buying physical silver the only option? But doesn’t silver turn black upon reaction with air etc?

Please share your thoughts.




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  1. Anand and All

    You guys have missed E-Silver which is recently been introduced and only way a retail public can invest in Silver online, Its not ETF , but you can look at it like an ETF . Just like Silver you can also invest in Gold .


    1. isenthilkumar says:

      Hi Manish ,

      can you please provide some more details of investing in Silver ?

      I can only understand till the part that i have to open a Demat account .

      Please explain more.

      1. Dear Isenthilkumar, please check the below link –



  2. Atul says:

    Hi Anand,

    Currently there are no Silver ETFs in India. Only way is to hold in physical form.

    With Silver prices going high should not be the only reason for buying silver.

    Please look at other avenues as well.



  3. sidrana7 says:


    I believe recently silver ETF was launched in India.
    Physical silver is also one of the best options.

    google risshisiddhi bullions in Mumbai. you can buy retail stock and sell them back as well. You can trade and if prices fall can delivery as well but it has got minimum quantity for the formalities.

    Local refiners and silver jewellers can also sell you standard bricks, but check for the buy and sell price difference from the spot price. The one I bought some time back and sold to took Rs500/- off from spot on both buy and sell.

    Quantity matters for physical in regards to quote price from spot price.
    The refinery grade bricks I had did not deteriorate as you said, but they were kept nicelt wrapped in locker.

    Like monthly or quarterly investment you can opt to buy physical silver. Very good idea. Gives satisfaction of owning bullion in kilos. 🙂

    Good luck.

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